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Interior Painting

"Your Residential Interior and Exterior Painting Experts."

The Interior Painting process is about setting the proper expectations. When you have a contractor come into your home to complete work it disrupts your life. At Johnny B's Painting we believe it is our duty to ensure that we communicate properly with you, our client, to make your painting experience an enjoyable one. This process starts at the quotation and is continued with the Crew that will be working with you on your project. When Johnny B's Painting, paints your Interior you can expect the following: 

  • An arranged time to complete your work that is mutually agreed upon
  • Professional applicators that take pride in their work
  • Thorough surface preparation before any materials are applied
  • Job site kept neat and clean while the work is in progress
  • Colors to match your requirements
  • Two coat application for all color changes
  • Premium grade products
Johnny B's Painting does not handle furniture or breakables. We ask all of our clients to ensure that the workspace is organized prior to our arrival so that our crews can maximize their use of time while at the job site. We do not empty cabinets; take down pictures, move china or any other items that may break in the process. If you absolutely need assistance with heavy furniture we can help, however, will not be liable if something breaks in the process.


If you are looking for a Professional Painting Company, please call us today at 403-467-8844 or

Exterior Paint Maintenance Program


There are many reasons why a good preventative maintenance program will benefit you:

  Makes sure your exterior paint is protecting your home

  Limits costly wood replacement

  Spots potential problems before they become major replacement issues

  Keeps your paint looking fresh longer

  Extends the number of years before a complete repaint is needed

This is how it works:

There is no charge to place your home in our Exterior Paint Maintenance Program. To keep your paint looking great, simply authorize us to contact you each year to schedule a FREE exterior paint evaluation.

When we visit your home we will conduct a through evaluation of your exterior paint and make recommendations to protect your investment. Well look for:

  Exterior paint failure or damage

  Caulk separation or deterioration


  Rotted wood

We will provide a free summary of our evaluation and should we find any areas of concern, well let you know. This service is free, and you are never under any obligation.

Pick up the phone and call us today 403-467-8844 or
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